Intermission helps you look away from your devices, preventing sore eyes, burnout, and Computer Vision Syndrome.

Breaks For Eyes was an app that blocked your screen at set intervals, and notified you to look away. After the original owner announced it was being shutdown, I was able to acquire it and rebrand it as Intermission.

Interested in reading more about the acquisition and redesign process? Read my newsletter issue about it here.

Why Rebrand?

Breaks For Eyes was a highly rated application with consistent sales, but its branding and copy were intimidating and did not clearly communicate its value.

By rebranding to Intermission, I was able to introduce some personality to the app and make its App Store presence stand out amongst a sea of competition.


While I had many ideas for improvements, I focused my attention on addressing these three core challenges.

#1 Lots of People Love It

Any changes I made might upset existing customers, who relied on Breaks For Eyes as part of their daily routine, especially if I were to introduce any bugs.

How do I make changes that improve the experience without changing anything dramatically?

#2 Differentiating

There are many competitors. Breaks For Eyes did stand out with a bright orange color scheme and an big eye, but it also presented itself as somewhat intimidating, which is the exact opposite of the actual experience.

How can I stand out amongst competitors while presenting a friendly and welcoming vibe?

#3 Avoid Competing on Price or Features

There are many competitors that are less expensive or free, and many others that offer more features and customizations. Breaks For Eyes advantage was its simple & effective design.

What improvements can I make that raise the value of the app without overcomplicating it?

Sketches of potential icons and landing page layouts.

Introducing... Intermission

The update introduced a new look and iterative improvements to functionality.

Playful Theme

I decided on the name Intermission because of the many ways it related to the app, not just because it's a synonym for a break.

The result is a theme that's inviting and playful, while still presenting itself as a tool for digital health. The updated app icon is simple and inviting.

The App Store assets were redesigned to reflect the new color scheme and improved copy. The headline "Take Direction Over Your Screen Time" both ties into the theater theme and makes the customer feel empowered and proactive rather than remedial.

The new landing page presents the same message and leaves room for future related products, such as an upcoming iOS version of Intermission.

Uncomplicated Customizations

The features I've added bring value without unnecessarily complicating the user experience

Happy Customers, Improved Rankings

By minimizing the scope of the update as much as possible and focusing on improving simple features rather than adding complexity, no problems were introduced and customer feedback has been positive.

I was also able to address several poor reviews which have since been updated, and Intermission's ranking on the App Store has increased, both by Category (Health & Fitness), and by keyword ("Break Reminders", etc).

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