Tools: Coda, TextWrangler

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Experience with Xcode, Objective-C & Swift

'Colors' game, in development
local multiplayer game utilizing multipeer connections

Marshawn's Rainbow Run
> hackathon project
Control Marshawn Lynch as he dodges reporters and collects skittles to activate beast mode

numbrs, sold to numbrs ag
Basic calculator with gesture and shake controls

iLaser, 200,000+ downloads
first app developed / 2010
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I can handle pointers like Gandalf handles Nazgûl Fellbeasts.
Tools: VIM, TextWrangler
I've always carried an eye for good design. I like to express this through UI/UX design. mockups
Assisted startup with layout of their mobile application. View website >

Freelance interface mockups
Designed mockups for clients on View profile >

Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Good ol' paper & pencil
Apple iOS App Challenge, 2013
★ Audience Choice Award / team of 3
Fountain Fusion

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2015
★ Hack Award / team of 4

TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2015
★ 2nd Place / team of 3
Press Release / project details coming soon!
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