Alex Greene
Designer, developer, computer science student;
I am passionate about building cool things.
Things I know
Java Covered in coursework;
knowledge of data structures, basic algorithms.
C I've got this pointer thing down to a science.
HTML + CSS Hey, this website isn't some WP template!
Interface Design I take people's ideas and turn them into pen+paper mockups. Experience w/ Photoshop.
Objective C + Xcode Prior experience building iOS apps.
PHP + MySQL Familiar with these technologies & how they work together.
& More Seriously, just ask. I know a lot about baseball statistics, old bicycles, and I often think in terms of 'The Office' references.
Things I've built
iLaser The first app I made; It's silly but was fun to create,
and has been enjoyed by 200,000+ people.
numbrs Gesture based iOS calculator appthat had 30,000 users before I sold it to these guys.
this website Please email me your brutally honest opinion.
I thrive when given contructive criticism.
Stanford app I built this app to capture the attention of Stanford University. I wasn't admitted, but it was an enjoyable experiment.
Fountain Fusion Won audience choice in an Apple sponsored iOS hackathon. Built in < 24 hrs.
& More Many of the things I've made are not publicly available or have been sold- some have even gone to the island of misfit projects! Please shoot me an email if you'd like to learn more.
Things I want to do
learn Ruby learn Javascript travel
build a drone design & mfr. a watch
study Human-Computer Interaction learn German quora github twitter