Simple GroupMe analytics
What's Happening?
Top 25 NBA teams W/L record visualized
Computer vision + traffic cameras
The Baseball Map
SWOT board app
Command line todo list
Java, C, Python
HTML/CSS, Javascript
Swift, Xcode
Git, SVN
TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2016
Credit Trainer lets you play and learn about how life events affect your credit score
★ 3rd Place / team of 3

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2016
Halp! finds you a tutor who has taken the class you're taking / team of 3

Hudl, Summer 2015
Dev Intern, Team Sports Tribe, Core Video

TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2015
★ 2nd Place / team of 3
Press Release

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2015
★ Hack Award / team of 4

Apple iOS App Challenge, 2013
★ Audience Choice Award / team of 3
Fountain Fusion

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