The Baseball Map
Explore every baseball stadium in the United States
javascript, html, css, Google Maps API

SWOT board app
compare the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats
of any situation. Inspired by the TV show, Silicon Valley
javascript, html, css

Simple GroupMe Analytics
sifts through your GroupMe data to
provide interesting charts displaying
group member activity
javascript, python (flask), html, css

What's Happening?
Find out more about the types of
events being held in a particular area. Data sourced from Eventbrite.
javascript, python (flask), html, css,
Familiar with:
Git, SVN
Sketch, Photoshop, pen & paper

Some experience with:
Python (Django, Flask)
Hudl, Summer 2015
Dev Intern, Team Sports Tribe, Core Video

TransUnion Consumer Interactive Hackathon, 2015
★ 2nd Place / team of 3
Press Release

Cal Poly Design & Dev Hackathon, 2015
★ Hack Award / team of 4

Apple iOS App Challenge, 2013
★ Audience Choice Award / team of 3
Fountain Fusion

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